Baked Goods / Coffee Menu

(download Bakery Menu)

Gourmet Donuts

Glazed & Sprinkles $1.45
Gourmet $2.25
Half Dozen $10.25
Dozen $19.25
Mini Donuts(24) $31

Donut flavors

Rainbow Sprinkle
Chocolate Sprinkle
Blackberry Glazed
Maple Bacon
Tres Leches
Lemon Meringue
Blackberry Blintz
Chocolate Toasted Coconut
Boston Cream
Crème Brulee
Blueberry Crumble
Nutella Mousse
Cookies & Cream
Strawberry Cream

Apple Fritter $3.25
Blueberry Muffins $2.25
Turnovers $3.75
Honey Bun $2.75
Assorted Cookies $2

Individual layer cakes – $4.25

Carrot cake
Coconut cake
Chocolate cake
Red Velvet cake


Espresso (single $1.75 / +shot $.80)
Cafe Latte (S $2.85  M $3.45  L $4.25)
Cappuccino (S $2.85  M $3.45  L $4.25)
Macchiato (small $2.35  +Shot $.80)
Drip Coffee (S $1.65  M $2.25  L $2.75)

Ice Coffee (S  $1.85  L  $2.45)

Chai Latte  (S $3.75  M  $4.25  L $5.85)

Add $1 for flavors
Caramel, hazelnut, mocha, or white chocolate

Add almond milk – $.50

Coffee Traveler – $16  (Serves 8, includes 12oz cups w/ lids, cream, sugar & stirrers)

Breakfast / Brunch Menu

Served all day

(download Breakfast Menu)

Egg Shack – $10.50

Grilled onion, roasted pepper, sauteed mushroom, bacon & cheddar cheese all folded into a fluffy golden omelette served w/ our fresh cut home potatoes

Starter Shack – $7.50

Two eggs, bacon, ham or sausage with hand cut home fries and house made toast

California Egg Sandwich – $8

Fried egg w/ soft yolk, avocado, tomatoes & mixed greens on our house-baked challah w/ balsamic mayo spread (add bacon $1.50 & cheese +$0.75ea)

Dough Boy – $5

A mini cheese egg omelette w/ your choice of bacon, sausage or ham all nestled into our delicate donut bread (add Avocado +$0.75)

Shack Slam – $12

Our fluffy, tender buttermilk pancakes are a house specialty, served with creamy maple butter, two eggs, bacon, ham or sausage. Add ins: blueberries, bananas, chocolate chips or candied walnuts

Challah French Toast – $7

Two thick slices of our house made challah bread dipped in egg batter and griddled to a golden brown. Add two eggs & bacon, ham or sausage +$4

Belgian Waffle – $7

Our home-made waffle batter yields a scrumptious treat that is crisp on the outside yet light as a feather inside (add two eggs & bacon, ham or sausage +$4)

Steak & Eggs – $15

Grilled skirt steak, served w/ two eggs any style, home potatoes & grilled house toast

Chicken & Waffle – $14

Crispy panko fried chicken sits on our made-from-scratch Belgian waffle served with┬ámaple butter & crushed pepper maple syrup– a sweet yet savory fix

Lunch Menu

Served all day

All sandwiches are served w/ shoestring fries or salad

$1 add ons: avocado, bacon, fried egg

(download Lunch Menu)

Steak Sandwich – $12

Today’s oven backed focaccia bread filled w/ grilled steak, peppers, onions, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese w/ our own balsamic mayo spread

Grilled Chicken Sandwich – $11

Today’s oven baked focaccia bread filled w/ grilled chicken, peppers, onions, mushroom, and cheddar cheese w/ our own balsamic mayo spread

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich – $11

A tender chicken breast, hand breaded, grilled and dredged in buffalo sauce, served on our housemade pretzel bun w/ buffalo ranch spread, crisp lettuce and juicy tomato

Pretzel Burger – $11

6oz grilled beef patty w/ crisp lettuce, juicy tomato, red onion w/ our house balsamic mayo on our fresh baked pretzel bun

Garden Burger – $11 (w/ cheese $0.75)

Slightly spicy veggie patty made w/ beans, rice & peppers served w/ avocado, crisp lettuce & tomato on our vegan pretzel bun

Shack Melt – $8.50

Today’s oven baked focaccia bread stuffed w/ a juicy ham steak and smothered w/ cheddar cheese

Tuna Salad Sandwich – $6.50

 Served on our house made challah toast, crisp lettuce, juicy tomato and onion. 

Mixed Green Salad – $8

Mixed greens, avocado, tomato, pepper, and carrot w/ classic Italian vinaigrette. Fresh and bright (add chicken or steak + $4)

Tomato Bisque w/ grilled cheese – $6.50

House made creamy tomato soup with donut toast grilled cheese, try with grilled tomato or bacon on the griled cheese!

A La Carte

One egg – $1.50
Bacon – $3
Sausage or Ham – $2
Two eggs – $3 (w/ meat $5)
Home potatoes – $3
Fries – $3
Avocado – $1.50
Salad – $3
One pancake – $4
French toast – $4
Challah, focaccia or Donut toast – $.75


100% Orange Juice (small $3.25 / regular $4.25)

Lemonade $2 /flavor +$1 (Mango, ginger or raspberry)

Revolution Tea – $2.25
House brewed Ice Tea – $1.50
Milk – $1.50
Chocolate Milk (small $2 / large $2.50)
Apple Juice – $1.75
Soda – $1.50
Sparkling Water – $1.95
Bottled Water – $1.50

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